Michael Engstrom

Credentials: B.S., Microbiology, Michigan State UniversityPh.D.
Microbiology and Immunology, University of Michigan

Position title: Postdoctoral Scholar 2016-2019


Tai, S. H., C. Holz, M. D. Engstrom, H. H. Cheng, and R. K. Maes. 2016. In vitro characterization of felid herpesvirus 1 (FHV-1) mutants generated by recombineering in a recombinant BAC vector. Virus Research 221: 15-22.

Engstrom, M. D. and H. L. T. Mobley. 2016. Regulation of the expression of uropathogenic Escherichia coli nonfimbrial adhesin TosA by PapB homolog TosR, in conjunction with H-NS and Lrp. Infection and Immunity 84: 811-21.

Engstrom, M. D., C. J. Alteri, and H. L. T. Mobley. 2014. A conserved PapB family member, TosR, regulates expression of the uropathogenic Escherichia coli RTX non-fimbrial adhesin TosA while conserved LuxR family members, TosE and TosF, suppress motility. Infection and Immunity 82: 3644-56.

Alteri, C. J., S. D. Himpsl, M. D. Engstrom, and H. L. T. Mobley. 2012. Anaerobic respiration using a complete oxidative TCA cycle drives multicellular swarming in Proteus mirabilis. mBio 3: doi: 10.1128/ mBio.00365-12.

Vigil, P. D., T. J. Wiles, M. D. Engstrom, L. Prasov, M. A. Mulvey, and H. L. T. Mobley. 2011. The repeat-in toxin (RTX) family member TosA mediates adherence of uropathogenic Escherichia coli and survival during bacteremia. Infection and Immunity 80: 493-505.


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