Post-doctoral Fellows

  • We are looking for postdocs to staff new metabolic engineering projects in the lab.
  • Interested candidates are encouraged to pursue fellowship opportunities
  • Please send a full CV and your reasons for wanting to join the Pfleger Lab to Professor Pfleger

Graduate Students

The lab recruits graduate students from the following programs:

Students are not directly admitted to the group. Please contact the appropriate program manager for more information regarding application procedures.

Undergraduate Students

The Pfleger lab recruits undergraduate students through several mechanisms, but does not offer independent summer internships.

Freshman Research Courses

Campus REU programs

Independent Study

  • CBE599
  • CBE489 – Honors in Research

Students interested in any of the above programs should contact the corresponding program coordinator about application procedures. Undergraduates interested in independent study in the Pfleger lab are encouraged to contact Prof Pfleger during the bi-annual advising period (i.e. 2-weeks prior to the start of course enrollment) with their resume and a statement of why they would like to conduct research in the lab. In your email, please include “Undergraduate Research in Pfleger Lab” in the email subject heading. Students who inquire about lab openings at other times will be referred to this policy. New members will be selected in time to enroll in research credit (i.e. CBE599) at the start of the next semester. Students will also be expected to enroll in CBE562 – Research Mentor Training.