Austin Comer

Credentials: B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Texas – Austin
B.A. Economics, University of Texas – Austin

Position title: PhD Chemical Engineering - 2018
Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group


Austin grew up in Houston, Texas.  He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a B.S. in chemical engineering and a B.A. in economics in December of 2012 and joined the Pfleger lab in the Fall of 2013 as a graduate student in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.  Austin is a National Science Foundation graduate research fellowship program (NSF GRFP) fellow, a Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Dalke-Hougan fellow, and a trainee in the Biotechnology Training Program (BTP) at The University of Wisconsin – Madison.


Austin worked on improving the feedstocks used in industrial bioprocesses.  Specifically, he completed an economic analysis on the viability of C1 and C2 carbon sources as alternatives to sugar-based feedstocks.  In addition, Austin  engineered the cyanobacterium Synnechoccocus PCC 7002 for increased glycogen yields for the purpose of producing a cyanobacterial media that could be used in an industrial process.