Interested in Joining the Pfleger Lab?

Post-doctoral fellows
  • Interested students are encouraged to pursue fellowship opportunities
  • Please send a full CV and reasons for joining the group to Professor Pfleger

Graduate Students

The lab recruits graduate students from the following programs:

Students are not directly admitted to the group. Please contact the appropriate program manager for more information regarding application procedures.

UW-Madison Undergraduates

Students work in the laboratory as volunteers or for credit (CBE599 - independent study or CBE489 - Honors in research). If interested, please contact Professor Pfleger via email with a resume and reason for joining. Please use the following subject in your email: "Undergraduate Research in Pfleger Lab"

Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

The Pfleger lab participates in several UW-Madison programs. If interested in spending the summer in Madison, please apply through one of the programs below. The lab does not independently sponsor summer internships.